Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still Winter but ready for Spring!


As winter is still among us and for some, a little too much of it now, I am ready for spring! I found this little plant at Loew's. They also have a variety of succulents which are nice in terrariums and all your vintage glassware.

When I was making a burlap runner for my dining room table, I decided to keep the strings that you pull off when you want to make a fringe. I thought it can be used later for something since I love to recycle. So here it is wrapped loosely around my plant and bird's nest.


  1. I love a live green plant inside, especially in the winter. I might be borrowing your wonderful idea of using burlap threads.
    Mary Alice

    1. Great Mary Alice...would love to see what you create in your beautiful home!

  2. Clever use of the burlap strings, Judy.I love having a live plant in the house, especially in the winter months. Right now we have a potted zonal geranium in the living room. It's not blooming yet, but it's bushy and green and right now that's enough. :)


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