Thursday, February 26, 2015

Decorating with Jewelry!

Adding vintage costume jewelry gives the right touch of sparkle and pizazz to any vignette. Some pieces may even have stories behind them to bring them out to display and start a conversation!

The clip-on brooch (I think that is what it is) that was found at a garage sale, adds lovely detail to this vase.

This pink vignette was inspired by my Grandmother's clip on  sparkle earrings.

I remember when she would wear her clip-on's and was so relieved to take them off after she got home from an outing. (ouch!)

Finding inexpensive silver jewelry at garage sales or any that you have from your own collection gathered from your youth, brings back cherished memories!

Even display your free Mardis Gras beads!

And this nude statue gets a little bling too!


  1. I really do love this idea!! Vintage jewelry is so fun and makes a vignette extra special...I always pick up strings of pearls when I find them. Some of them have the most lovely clasps.
    Mary Alice

    1. Oh yes pearls would be very pretty too. Oh I hope the person who took the "pearl dress" doesn't decide to take it apart and sell them...hopefully they will find it soon! :)

  2. Your grandmother's clip-on earrings are a darling! Love how it sparkles! I love vintage jewelry, it's so much fun collecting them! The pretty clip-on brooch totally transforms the vase...what a lovely idea! Beautiful tray vignette with the whites and greens :) Thanks for sharing with us! hugs, Poppy

    1. Thanks Poppy for stopping by. It is just a nice way to display memories instead of in a box tucked away that you never knew you had. :)


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