Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Rodeo time!

 Get your western theme kicking off with a pair of cowboy boots and stuff with straw, twigs,  flowers and succulents. Down in the south, it is rodeo time!

My husband found this picture that someone threw out for trash pickup. It looks like it might have been someone's artwork and I can not believe that they would kick it to the curb. I decided to give that artist a little respect and keep it for myself. I just had to mount it a little better so I used adhesive spray on the back and mounted it on foam board. Love it and the frame it came in too.


  1. Wow! I love how you used the beautiful picture as a focal point for this corner vignette...wonderful job! I am glad your husband rescued that gorgeous picture...the colors are simply awesome! Loving the boot planter with all the pops of red...very pretty corner:) Hope you have a wonderful week and I would love you to enter my blog anniversary giveaway: Hugs, Poppy

  2. I'm like you Judy...It always make me a little sad to see someones artwork in the trash or selling for a few bucks at a thrift store! So glad you rescued this piece of art and I LOVE the way you set up your vignette!

  3. Thank you Poppy and Denise...Maybe one day I will find a "van Gogh, Monet or a Rembrandt" (lol), but who cares if you find an unknown artist...if you like it and they don't want it anymore..take it and cherish!


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