Monday, March 16, 2015

Bringing out the Green for St. Patrick's Day!

Spring is sprouting out just in time to bring out the GREEN for St. Patrick's Day!

The fresh new growth of boxwood and adding cuttings from my jasmine bush to green Ball jars brings a lot of bright green nature into my home.

Hydrangeas, key limes, and green apples brings natural beauty to every vignette all year round!

 And don't forget to wear green...Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Rodeo Has Arrived!

 Ladies and Gent's, once again the Rodeo has arrived down south.
These boots have outgrown the youngins and not made for walkin' anymore...only decorating in my homestead!


I used these same boots last year as seen in the display HERE. I had noticed that you could not see the stitching in the boots from the lighting, so this year I got out my chalk and easily marked over them. Mark that down as another added use for chalk besides chalkboards, sidewalks, artwork and sewing!

The coat rack gets a new look for Rodeo time too.  Click HERE and scroll down to see what it looked like for Valentine's Day.

I call this jacket that I found at a Thrift Store, "Bohemian Western."

Always use your thrift store jewelry finds too to add a special touch!

Happy Trails Y'all!