Monday, February 24, 2014

A cottage touch with a "hobnailed" vase floral arrangement

As a child, I remember having in my bedroom "hobnailed" (raised bumps) milk glass lamps.
Now, I have a few vases in my milk glass collection which I cherish and love.
When I added the flowers, it gives it a cozy cottage touch.

See how it is made...

With a few simple supplies, you can make one too!

floral foam
wire cutters
3 large flowers
dried flowers
spanish moss

Just insert your floral foam into your vase (I usually put it in tightly instead of gluing it).

Usually the standard to floral arranging that I remember learning years ago is to have an odd number of flowers in your arrangement. So I chose 3 big flowers and cut them down with wire cutters.
With equal distance apart, I inserted the flowers into the floral foam.

Then start filling in the empty areas with dried flowers, which I chose a bunch with a couple of varieties.

Then add a little spanish moss throughout your arrangement.

That is it ...very simple to make!


  1. Your milk glass vase and flower arrangement is so pretty, Judy. I love to work with florals. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. I'm going to pin it for future reference. Enjoy your day! ~ Nancy

  2. Wow-you did a beautiful job on this! :)


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