Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring it on!

Ok, Spring has already sprung and Easter is around the corner, so gather up your eggs and ideas to bring out some cheer and leave the cold winter behind.

The candle was made from sheet music. I just cut to size and overlapped a little and used mounting adhesive tape (tape used to mount pictures in scrapbooking), however next time I might use rubber cement to get a better seal at the seam. I lit the candle and let it drip a little to give it a special touch ( A little advice: the candle is for aesthetic use only, do not use the candle to burn later because the paper will probably ignite and you do not want that to happen!)

I love to use twigs and old vines from not only my backyard but from family, friends and neighbors too. (A little advice: keep a small pair of garden clippers in your car because you never know where you might be and see that perfect twig or vine to clip.)

The wire purse was my grandmother's and I will cherish forever. It had tulle in it and a small satin ribbon on top. I just updated it by filling with moss and adding a little bracelet.

With so many ideas to decorate eggs, this is just one simple way. I blew the raw eggs out to make them hollow. I had some pretty floral tissue paper that came with a roll of wrapping paper. I cut the flowers out individually and put them in place and painted Mod Podge on the flowers. After it was dried, I painted the entire eggs with Mod Podge.

Happy decorating!


  1. Judy, I'm just crazy about your grandmother's wire purse! I've nerve seen one, it's so unique! I love that you are using it in your décor, that is special. Love that let them eat cake plate! Too cute!

  2. What a cute Easter vignette! I am loving the music sheet taper candle, looks so pretty and elegant in your vignette and your grandmother's wire purse filled with moss is sooo adorable, what a lovely way to use it in your decor:) loving your pretty decoupaged eggs.....beautiful spring inspirations! Happy Spring!~hugs, Poppy

  3. Thank you Nancy & Poppy....I really love my little wired purse I had hidden away and discovered it just gives it that special and sentimental touch..Thanks for stopping by!....Judy


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