Friday, November 1, 2013

A Wreath for multiple seasons!

Remember my magnolia leaf wreath I made at the beginning of the summer? (click here to see the original wreath). It made it through the hot summer months and the leaves gradually turned brown just in time for Fall. Soon it will be time to make a fresh one for Christmas....That is one good thing magnolia trees are good for, "Decorating!"


  1. I love magnolia leaves! They always look so pretty in any decor:) I love how they add beautiful texture and color to your how the leaves changed color from summery green to an autumnal color:) Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Poppy

    1. Thanks Poppy, you are so kind! I have a couple of small styrofoam wreaths that I bought at the dollar store that I plan to make and place around my hurricane lamps. I also like to take branches and put them in a vase (or old wine bottle) and place by my kitchen window, which make a bold and beautiful display. They are fun to decorate with!


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