Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sterling Silver Beaded Earrings....Simple to make!

You just need these basic jewelry tools (long nose pliers, round nose pliers and cutting pliers.)
Take a post earwire and attach a loop pin to it then add your beads. At the bottom of your pin, make a loop with your round nose pliers and dangle a jump ring with a silver bead on it then tighten the wire. Depending on how long your loop pin is, you may have to cut off excess wire. Get all your jewelry findings at your local Art & Crafts store....there is so much to choose from now days, so don't be overwhelmed. It is good to purchase the basic tools anyway because they come in handy whenever you have to fix or tighten a piece of your own store bought jewelry.
(oops...jump ring and silver bead are not in the bottom picture.)

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