Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fall decorating

Fall is falling a little behind down south. It takes a while for it to get here, so we have to push it along with a little decorating.

This is my Magnolia Wreath I made over a year ago and I added fresh leaves turned upside down which has a velvety texture and a burnt orange color.

Fruit added to thrift and antique store finds placed in old frames. It is amazing what you can do with pieces that you find here and there. 

Pumpkins I added later....seems like I am always finding something else to add!

My little helper who sits and watches most of the time!


  1. Great ideas Judy! Love all the arrangements-how do you get the magnolia leaves on wreath to stay put?

    1. Thank you Sue...I started out with a straw wreath and used floral wire pics wrapped around on the bottom little stem of each leaf. To secure each leaf a little more I used my glue gun. It does take a while to poke them into the wreath, but worth it. Here is a view when I first made it...

      For the fall one I posted above, I just added more magnolia leaves turned upside down and did not secure them, only placed them randomly so maybe when I put it away for the season, I might just go ahead and secure the new ones with my floral pics.

      I also made a quick version using a styrofoam wreath and no wire pics which is explained here...

      Thanks for stopping by!


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