Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boot planter makeover!

This boot was almost kicked to the curb by my friend and good neighbor. We both had a garage sale and she had some items leftover that she had me pick through and kindly gave to me. I noticed on her patio she had this old (badly needing a makeover) boot planter.
I had the itch to take it home and re-paint it for her.

I just got out my craft paints and painted "George" (that's what we named it). Gave it a couple of coats of a clear lacquer spray and done!
It's "Howdy neighbor again", but sadly it was good by to my friend. She retired and moved away to her new home and "George" now has a new stomping ground too!


  1. What a cute, fun project. I love makeovers like this, Judy. xxx

    1. Thanks Nancy...I just can't see someone throwing things away when I can envision it looking new again....and you are right they are fun to do!


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