Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can you believe it...yet another shrinking product!

Much to my surprise as I go to reach for a box of  Whole Wheat Ritz crackers at my local grocery store, they decreased the size! The previous net weight was 14.2 oz. and it is now down to 12.9 oz. I decided to give them a call (the parent company's phone # is located on the side of the box) to express my disappointment and of course they did their talk about inflation. The company mentioned that they did a survey and most consumers preferred the product to have less crackers than to keep the same amount and increase the price. I kindly asked if I could receive a coupon and they were happy to do so. I received my coupon within ten days. The coupon states, "Good for One FREE Nabisco cookies or crackers product  up to $4.99." A FREE product just for taking five minutes out of your busy day! As our Ol' Pal "Andy Griffith" used to say, "Everything taste great when it sits on a Ritz!"

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